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Dyscourse Has In-Game Footage At Last - Hurrah!

Lonely Island

Dyscourse finally has some in-game footage. Six minutes of it, in fact. Is this what you were waiting for before you pledged to its Kickstarter? Because I'm really not sure what else anyone could be hoping for from such a tempting pitch: Keep a bunch of weirdos alive on an island, and those weirdos can be Tim Schafer and Ed McMillen. They've only four days left on their Kickstarter to raise another $15,000. Want to know why you should? The development team have promised they'll answer any questions about anything you like in the comments below this post.

How do they know this post exists? Because they finally got around to telling me there's in-game footage, like I DEMANDED, and I said, "FINE THEN!" and agreed to post it on my website because I can and so there.

Right, so here's that:

I'm not entirely sure we needed the boxes read out. But still, look, the game moving! Early alpha, obviously, because they're trying to raise the money to make the game at the moment.

Also, the game will have cats in it:

So, it seems they'll AMA in the comments below. Try that out. You could ask why he kept reading those boxes out loud. Or more useful things about the game.

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