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The Talking Dead: Dyscourse Is Out

Owlchemy's latest

The Hivemind's assorted ReviewNodes have been subject to a cruel overload this past week, so our optimistic plans to Wot I Think all over conversation-based survival adventure Dyscourse [official site] in time for launch sadly came to naught. Soon, though: John will be turning his attention to it as soon as he's finished his nine hundred thousand million and twelve hours in Pillars of Eternity. In the meantime, consider this a comparatively timely hey-o, Dyscourse is out nod.

Owlchemy's desert island survival/co-operation title was successfully Kickstarted for a relatively modest $45k back in 2013. Clearly I've not played it yet, so take nothing for granted and all that, but this here launch trailer suggests the apple hasn't fallen too far from the pitched tree:

A little bit of the Telltale approach in there, but less bound by cinematics and with much more focus on each experience being different and far more potentially calamatious. Also there's more cannibalism. Though I suppose The Walking Dead's zombies are inherently cannibalistic, presuming one interprets zombies as still being mostly human, so actually Dyscourse has less cannibalism and therefore they shouldn't brag about it in the trailer.

This BAREFACED CHICANERY aside, Dyscourse sounds excellent on paper, but John will hopefully let us know very soon if it works out in practice too. If you don't want to wait, it's out now. Only via Steam for the time being, though. It's £10.99/$14.99 for the standard version or £18.99/$24.99 for a spec ed jobbie which includes downloadable art books, soundtracks and making of video gubbins.

It's also worth noting that devs Owlchemy are also responsible for Job Simulator, perhaps the most playful of the SteamVR demos so far.

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