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Dyson Sphere Program Titanium: where to find Titanium in bulk

How to get huge amounts of Titanium in Dyson Sphere Program

There are a great many naturally occurring ores in Dyson Sphere Program, but one of the more elusive is Titanium. This strong and valuable metal is required in bulk to progress beyond the early-game, but many new players are struggling to find any. This Dyson Sphere Program Titanium guide will explain exactly how to get your hands on huge quantities of Titanium Ore, as well as what to do with it once you have it.

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Dyson Sphere Program Titanium overview

Titanium is likely to be one of your major bottlenecks in Dyson Sphere Program for a short time. You can progress to the point of automating both blue and red Matrix cubes without using a single atom of Titanium, but if you want to get any further than that, you'll need to figure out how to get lots of Titanium as soon as possible.

Titanium is used in the construction of every kind of Matrix Cube beyond red, and it's also required to construct things like Mk3 Assemblers, Logistics Stations, Particle Colliders, late-game power grid structures, and a host of component parts. Simply put, it's a very important material, without which you cannot hope to reach the mid-game, let alone the late-game.

Where to find Titanium in Dyson Sphere Program

Titanium is not nearly as ubiquitous a resource as starting ores such as Iron, Copper, Stone, and Coal. In fact, you may have noticed that there are no such large ore patches of Titanium on your starting planet. This is true no matter what starting seed you pick.

You can find small amounts of Titanium Ore by deconstructing the largest rocks dotted about your planet, but they'll only give you a tiny amount. The key to obtaining lots of Titanium is to head to a different planet.

In order to head off-world for the first time, you'll need to research Drive Engine Level 2. It's found in the Upgrades panel rather than the normal Tech Tree, and it will unlock the Mecha Sail ability, which will allow you to fly beyond the atmosphere of your home planet, and take your first steps towards forging your own interplanetary mega-factory.

It'll take some time to reach that tech, but in the meantime you'll be able to see where you need to go to get Titanium. Once you've unlocked the early-game Universe Exploration Level 2 Upgrade, you'll be able to click on each planet in your star system in the Starmap (hotkey "V") and check the resource stats on the right-hand side to see which planet(s) contain naturally occurring Titanium Ore.

Once you reach a planet that contains Titanium you'll need to set up some power generation, mining machines, and smelters to turn the Titanium Ore into Titanium Ingots. But after that you'll likely want to send that Titanium back home. If you want to avoid using your mech to manually transport this valuable cargo, you'll need to use your first stacks of Titanium to craft your first Logistics Stations, which will allow you to forge new networks of interplanetary transportation.

We'll cover Logistics Stations in another guide, so keep an eye out for that.

That's a wrap on this Dyson Sphere Program Titanium guide, so hopefully your questions have been answered. If you need a bit of help reaching this point in your game, why not check out our Dyson Sphere Program tips and tricks page?

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