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E3: The Trailers - Tom Clancy's (yeah right) Endwar

Does anyone under 50 even read Tom Clancy books anyway?

So, "your voice is the ultimate weapon." I'll be honest - while I've no doubt all that Ubi money can make something that (unlike the horrible Will of Steel) works, I'm finding it hard to believe that Tom Clancy's voice controls will be anywhere near as slick and forgiving as the below Tom Clancy's trailer for this Ubi-RTS suggests. However, Tom Clancy's walkthrough beneath the cut has me genuinely anticipating Tom Clancy's Endwar.

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Tom Clancy's Michael Deplater was formerly a bigwig at Tom Clancy's Creative Assembly, and the thought of all that Tom Clancy's Total War experience brought to bear on a tanky RTS is dead exciting. There's some really neat stuff in this vid - the glossy picture-in-picture shtick seems to evoke generaldom much more than yet standard animated unit icon, that zoom-in to appreciate the destruction gimmick with the artillery is something I can imagine rejoicing in, and tank-pimping inspired by Tom Clancy's Need For Speed is hilarious.

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