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E3: The Trailers - Tomb Raider Underworld

She swims! She swims some more! She shoots sharks! And swims! I've yet to play the last two Tomb Raiders, so don't know if the old shtick about drowning Lara still rings true, but she seems more aqualunged to my eye:

This video keeps getting pulled down from wherever it's hosted - this is now the fourth version I've put up here. It must be because there's a single frame of hardcore sex hidden in it or something. Otherwise it'd just be a publisher squealing "no, don't look at our game that we want you to buy!", and how could that ever happen?

There's also an awful lot of straddling of giant poles, as if daring lazy games journalists to spout torrid innuendo. I won't, I won't! In that and in all things, it seems very much A Tomb Raider Game, which makes sense after the critical and commerical success of Crystal Dynamics' two takes on the series. It must be said the engine's looking fairly special if this is anything to go on. And it is, lest ye forget, what will be powering Deus Ex 3. So we can now add 'quite good water' to the scant list of things we know about that.

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