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EA Info-Splurge

Dragon Age 2 could be with us as soon as 2011? This appears to be one of the headlines to emerge from EA's latest telegraph broadcast, alongside Dead Space 2's peculiar disappearance from the PC, release dates for APB and Crysis 2, and signs of improving fortunes at the publisher. Oddly enough there's details below.

Thank goodness for VG247, who somehow listened to the whole thing in order to extract the useful news from amongst the coughing and mumbling. So stealing from their hard work we see that:

Dragon Age 2 is down for Q4 2011. Which is the "financial year" 2011, which apparently means by March next year. Which seems awfully soon. Dr Greg has promised that they're making sure the sequel will look "super-hot". It looked pretty bloody great to me. But then I didn't play the stinky 360 version, which I imagine is where most of the complaints come from. Since the first game took them about ten years, it'll be interesting to see whether a sequel turned around in two will be as epic. I suspect it will, as it happens. Oh, and peculiarly the sequel is also being announced for handhelds. My speculation: The very splendid Dragon Age: Journeys has proven itself, and will make PSP/DS/iPhone appearances.

EA losses have taken a big turn in the right direction. [giant number] of losses is now only [still really incredibly huge number to you and me but substantially lower number], however they've still made 25% less than this time last year. If you want to see real numbers, click here.

Games we're looking forward to are still promised for 2010. That's good news. Both APB (super-looking forward to) and Medal Of Honor (interested to see where it goes) are set for release by September. Although of course this is a slip for APB, originally due in a couple of months. But still, games in Summer release shocker. Meanwhile Crysis 2 is set for a Christmas release.

One loss the PC is taking is Dead Space 2. Originally promised to the big boxes, it's now console-toy only. Unless they simply forgot to write "PC" down on their notes. Nope - confirmed as not being on PC. So who cares when it's coming out now.

Also, The Old Republic looks very unlikely to make its Spring 2011 release at this point.

There's some other muddled rumour in there, something about Mass Effect 2 for early next year (?), and promises of various unnamed shooters and action games. But we can all do that. RPS is planning to release an unnamed action/shooter MMO RTS at some point in the coming financial century. (Which extends midway into the 2100s). See.

Cheers to VG247, without whom I'd have had to steal all this information from another site.

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