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Eagle Punch! D&D Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy 

I am once again reminded of the existence of a game by the announcement of an expansion. Dungeons & Dragons Online's shift to free-to-play years ago has given it enough success to keep quietly humming along, with the second expansion in seven years launching in the Summer. The Shadowfell Conspiracy is a content update, with new adventure packs (missions), monsters, and companions. It'll also bring "Iconic Heroes", ready-made level 15 characters for those who view grind with haughty disdain. You pay to not play! A teaser trailer for all the new content is beneath these words and some more words.

As far as I can tell, there's no talk of new lands, just additional dungeons within the Forgotten Realms, which as everyone reading this knows were added in the previous expansion pack. Wheloon is a prison city that masks the player as an outlaw to disrupt a growing rebellion of prisoners. Stormhorn Mountains is a hilly and chilly addition to lands.

It'll be $30 for the standard edition and $50 for the CE, which seems quite a lot to me. Are people still willing to drop that amount of money on a bit of a game? That said, I quite like the CE pre-order bonus pets: one is an owl that is also a bear, and another is a cat with wings. When in doubt, take two animals and make a new one, and charge people accordingly.

The expansion arrives August 19th.

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