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EA's games are finally coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC today

Better late than never

Electronic Arts' subscription service EA Play was supposed to become a part of Xbox Game Pass For PC back in December, but on the day it was supposed to arrive, it got delayed into this year. The wait is nearly over though, because today's the day that a big selection EA's games will be available to all Xbox Game Pass members. The Sims, Star Wars: Squadrons, a couple of Battlefields, and tons more will soon be included in your subscription at no extra cost.

In a blog post, Xbox say that as of 9pm GMT (2pm PT) today, Xbox Game Pass For PC members will have access to EA Play's library of games, including good'uns like the Titanfall games, the Dragon Age series, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

EA Play (formerly Origin Access) would normally cost £4 a month by itself, giving members access to a decent catalogue of older games, as well as 10-hour trials of the publisher's newest stuff at launch. As of this evening, you'll get all of that included in your basic Game Pass sub for £8/$10 a month (which you can still grab for just £1/$1 for your first month).

To play EA's games, you'll need to download their creatively-named launcher, the EA Desktop App. Game Pass and EA Play still have separate libraries, it's just that a Game Pass sub will let you access both. When you open the Desktop App, you'll be prompted to login to both your EA and Xbox accounts to get it all setup.

Xbox Game Pass For Console members have already had access to EA Play since November. I see your favouritism, Microsoft, but I'll let it slide because a load more good games hit the subscription service this month - like Nier: Automata, Octopath Traveller, and Yakuza 6.

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