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Echo Of The Wilds Out Now, Demo Available

Into the wild

Echo of the Wilds is a "puzzly narrativy adventure", in which your shirtless protagonist stumbles around in the woods, eating berries, fishing for food, maybe talking with ghosts, and experiencing some sort of spiritual journey. If this is what desperate survival is really like, then I think it's time I left civilization behind, because this all looks lovely. There's a trailer below and even a demo you can play right now

The website explains more:

Finding yourself in mysterious forests you must unfurl a spiritual tale of solace before the unending winter consumes all. There a spirit guide will help you learn the skills of survival and the secrets of the wilds: why you awakened there, their purpose, and how to finally be free from its clutches and malevolent apparitions.

Of course, while you're doing that, you also need to be cutting down trees to forge tools, and foraging for food to keep you alive as the season progress. It's a little bit randomised, to keep it fresh if you fail, and if you grow tired of spirits and apparitions there's an endless mode which removes the story in favour of pure survival.

When I saw the beautiful, pixelly graphics, I was immediately drawn to this. When I watched the trailer I thought, "I wonder how much they're asking for on Kickstarter." But it's not on Kickstarter. Echo of the Wilds is already out. It's currently $6.99 on IndieGameStand, and $4.99 on either Gumroad or itch.io. It's also up on Steam Greenlight, if you'd rather wait and vote for it there.

Best of all, there's that demo so you can try it yourself, on Windows or Mac.

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Echo Of The Wilds

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