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One of the most interesting games to come out of E3 last week was Echochrome.

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Announced for PSP and PS3, it's disappointing to learn that such an esoteric and unusal puzzler isn't planned to make home on the PC. However, it's slightly less disappointing to discover that it's already here. Sort of.

A tool for making the levels is free to download and play with. Very limited, as you cannot save or load levels, but simply create and destroy, it demonstrates the remarkable brain-hurting puzzling that's to come. Called the OLE Coordinate System (Object Locative Environment), it allows you to much around with the Escher-a-like optical illusions, creating impossible structures that are manipulated not by physics, or mad rockets, but by rotation. Like a dyslexic spiritualist convention, it's all about angles.

So let's make enough noise about this, so there's a PC port. And yes, RPS will be mocking dyslexia.

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