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Edifier's excellent R1700BTs speakers are down to $159.99 at Amazon US thanks to a $40 off coupon

Brilliant 2.0 bookshelf speakers you can use wired with your PC and via Bluetooth with your phone.

edifier r1700bts bookshelf 2.0 speakers
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Beijing-based audio brand Edifier makes some of the best value speakers in the business, often offering significantly better performance, functionality and aesthetics than more well-known Western brands. I've reviewed a half-dozen of their speakers over the years, and each one has been impressive.

I'm currently recommending Edifier's R2000DB and S3000PRO speakers over at Eurogamer, but today an even more affordable model is on sale at Amazon US: the R1700BTs. These 2.0 bookshelf speakers normally go for $199, but today you can apply a $40 coupon on the product page to bring these speakers down to... $159, if my maths are correct. That's a solid deal for speakers that come with a litany of positive critic and user reviews.

Looking at reviews of this particular model, these speakers are excellent value for money with great sound, but they do have some weaknesses. Most reviews mention the sound stage and imaging as positives, making it easy to pick out individual musical instruments from a mix and being decent for gaming as well, although a good gaming headset will allow for better directionality than a 2.0 speaker set.

In terms of the different frequencies, highs sound clean and crisp, mids are clear and balanced, but bass doesn't feel as tight as it could - it's a bit muddy. That's likely not an issue for gaming and indeed many musical genres, with vocals in particular coming across brilliantly, but fans of more bass-heavy music might want to opt for something different.

Beyond this, the speakers look great and offer easy wired (2x RCA, with a RCA to 3.5mm cable in the box) and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. There's even a remote to change sources, adjust the volume and so on, although there are also some nice weighty knobs on the right speaker to adjust the volume, bass and treble. The difference between this R1700BTs and the similar R1700BT is that this speaker has a subwoofer port, so you can plug in a subwoofer and presumably replace the somewhat flabby bass with something tighter and stronger.

I always enjoy playing single-player games and listening to music on desktop speakers like these, so do take a look at some reviews and see if these Edifier speakers suit. I'm a big fan of the sets that I've tested and I'd be tempted to grab these too if I was in the US!

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