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Editing The Eagle: Carmageddon Remake's First Screens

It's entirely possible we'll have to wait another 12.7 thousand years for Carmageddon: Reincarnation to roll its spiky, organ-splattered wheels this way, but we've waited this long already so a spot of extra patience before we can massacre pedestrians with weird cars isn't going to hurt.

At least we finally have a first peek at roughly what the game will look like. Above is one of the proposed redesigns of classic Carma car The Eagle. That is in-game, albeit a "very, very early prototype" of Reincarnation - apparently the rendering engine's already been replaced since then. More below.

The big red Eagle has gone from this:

To, potentially, this:

What a difference a decade makes, eh? The more moderate 2010s demand fewer outlandishly-oversized bonnet-blades than the excessive (I blame Jim Lee and Rob Liefield) 1990s, I suppose. However, this is but one of the proposals for the new-look Eagle - devs Stainless show off concept art for others in their expansive design post here, and are looking for feedback on what direction you'd like to see CarmaR's art style head in. Personally, I dig this absurd monstrosity more than the comparatively sedate design they're experimeting with in-engine:

It looks like an angry fish, and that's something I can sympathise with, being as I am both a grump and a pisces.

Here's another in-game shot of the other design - again, this is very much an unfinished scene, so don't complain about the texturing and the aliasing and the shadowing all that jazz. We don't often get to see mainstream videogames at so early a stage, so let's not sour the deal by shouting about how it looks a bit basic.

The history and the future of the Eagle is documented over on the Stainless blog, which also runs through a few more alternative designs that didn't make it past the drawing board.

For more on Carmageddon: Reincarnation, you might want to have a squizz at my interview with Stainless from last Summer. Or don't. See if I care.

I'll cry if you don't. No-one wants that.

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