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Buy an exclusive RPS shirt at EGX and be more clothed

The eternal battle of PC gaming

The day has finally come. RPS has been immortalised in t-shirt form, and you will be able to buy one and wear it exclusively at EGX 2019 later this week. For more details on how to be somewhat less naked, read on.

Yes, we did try to fit Horace's endless and almighty visage onto a shirt, but we simply couldn't find one big enough to contain his ursidaen omniscience. Instead, we settled on a mighty PC Goliath doing battle with three PC gaming Davids, with each one bearing our RPS namesakes - a rock-powered slingshot, a paper aeroplane and our faithful shotgun.

You can see the print in full up the top there, albeit in boring old black instead of the lovely RPS purple it is on the shirt itself. As we also mentioned up the top there, the RPS shirt is exclusively available at EGX 2019, and the only way you can obtain this magnificent piece of clothing is by exchanging eighteen of your finest English pounds in person at the show itself, or by flinging said number of pounds at us through the ether when you visit the EGX merch store online. (You can see a proper picture of the shirt on that site, albeit very small.) The t-shirt comes in every size from S to XXXL.

Even online orders must be collected from the official EGX merch stand, so you'll still need a valid EGX ticket to pick up your shirt. Super Pass holders get a 15% discount on all orders as well (both online and onsite), so make sure you put your ticket number (found below the barcode) into the discount code field when you order online.

If you need an even bigger reason to come to this year's EGX, there's loads to do besides buying this t-shirt (or playing all the latest games). You can find out about the making of Wilmot's Warehouse and the future of game subscription services on Thursday, how devs made Disco Elysium and Observation and listen to a live recording of the RPS Electronic Wireless Show on Friday (as well as join us for free drinks at the RPS Mixer powered by Dead Good on Friday evening), plus be the first hear about Mediatonic's brand-new game, Murder by Numbers, on Saturday, plus loads more.

EGX 2019 runs October 17th-20th at the ExCel in London, and tickets are on sale now. We hope to see you there!

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