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We're talking with Truck Simulator devs at Rezzed

Honk honk

Our Adam once told a story in the RPS treehouse about meeting with folks from Truck Simulator developers SCS Software, who were surprised and somewhat confused by how much we're into their virtuatrucks in totally non-ironic ways as chillout games. We really are. (Well, when we're not modding horns into alien wails.) You'll get to see this encounter happen again live on stage in April at EGX Rezzed, the London games show run by our corporate siblings, as Adam will host an interview with two SCS fellas.

To quote the official description:

"The American and Euro Truck Simulator games are simultaneously intricately detailed sims for fans of big rigs, and chillout games for Sunday drivers who want beautiful scenery with the radio on. Hynek Svatoš and Ondřej Dufek from SCS Software join RPS on stage to talk about how they make games for both sets of players, and their ongoing efforts to model every American state and truck."

That's us. We're the Sunday drivers. Chief truck correspondent Alec's reportage over the years has included a photo diary from New Mexico, reflections on romance and realism, dreams of a giant land, a trip to Italy, and even a glitchy ride off the edge of the world. And Transformers, natch.

We have spoken with real truckers about the games too, mind.

EGX Rezzed runs April 13-15th at Tobacco Dock in that there London, and this particular session will be on Friday the 13th at 5pm. Tickets are £17.50 for one day or £40 for the weekend. RPS folks will host several other sessions over Rezzed, as well as an official pub drink-o-natter. Not me. But other RPS folks. Grab your favourite staffers and form a little convoy, rockin' through the night.

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