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Come watch the RPS podcast reenact the most famous scenes in gaming at Rezzed

A live podcast at Rezzed

Games have had some iconic moments. The death of Aeris, the twist in BioShock, that bit in Mass Effect 2 when you punch the reporter completely unprovoked. We love to revisit these moments, but sometimes loading up an old save isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to step into your character's shoes in a more theatrical manner.

At EGX Rezzed next week, we’re hosting a special live podcast in which the staff of RPS act out some of the most famous scenes in gaming history. Don’t worry, we’ve “adapted” them for the stage, and we’re confident our team has retained the spirit of these moments. Yes, I know Alice B has not played Final Fantasy VII, but in many ways that makes her the perfect person to write the script for its most tragic scene. Our methods are sound.

Rezzed is our festival, a big Gamer Network shindig, and it’s taking place April 4-6 at Tobacco Dock, London. You can buy tickets on the EGX Rezzed website (it’s £20 for a day pass) and there are lots of games to play on the show floor. But who cares about that? Come to watch us make fools of ourselves. Our live show is on Thursday from 4:30pm to 5:15pm as part of the Rezzed Sessions. And its description runs thus.

Thursday April 4th, 4:30pm to 5:15pm: The RPS Podcast Live!

If we at the RPS Electronic Wireless Show love one thing, it's drama and PC games and icons. We hired a professional troupe of actors to come and perform some of the best and most famous scenes from games for us all, but they couldn't make it, so we're going to do it ourselves. We might need some help, to be honest, so all the better if you come along to watch.

There are plenty of other sessions on. Alice is speaking to a psychologist earlier on Thursday about game addiction. And Alice is speaking to one of the writers of Sunless Skies about telling stories in games on Friday. Alice is doing lots of things. There are lots more.

If you listen to the podcast, and fancy an excuse to traipse to London town, please come to watch and say hello! It will be good. We are acting out your fondest gaming memories, with 100% accuracy. That is an RPS Guarantee.

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