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Video: Slowly Starving To Death In Eidolon

It ate my face

The extremely pretty Eidolon is out now - an explore-them-up set in a future Washington that has been reclaimed by Nature. Unquestionably looking like Shelter meets Proteus, it plays differently to both, this game primarily a survival simulator. However, with no information at all, including that bit, I started playing and recorded my efforts. You can watch them below.

Just before I started recording, I fell off a mountain. It left me not very well. Soon after I started recording, something ate my face. And so it was to be that this became a 45 minute explore and slow degradation unto death. But gosh, such a pretty one.

Since recording I've played some more, and learned that I was a little unfair regarding food - it seems my rapid hunger was more to do with my injuries, and restarting as a healthier figure has seen my cooked fish consumption drop significantly. I've also discovered that the game does rearrange itself somewhat to adjust for your walking from pre-ordained paths, and provide items in different ways. Which is rather ace. I shall write more about the game soon.

You can buy Eidolon directly from Ice Water via their Humble widget, which is the best way to make sure they get the most money. Or you can pick it up on Steam for £11.

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