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Elden Ring will support raytracing, run at 60fps on PC

A few tech titbits confirmed

Following the delightfully enticing 19-minute gameplay trailer for Elden Ring last week, Bandai Namco trickled a few details about the PC version. System requirements are still not confirmed, but they have detailed some of the features and limitations, yer resolutions and raytracing and that.

The new Bamco tech support page says that on PC, the game will support resolutions up to 3840x2160, will run at a framerate of "up to 60fps" (so presumably capped), will support HDR, and will support raytracing via a PC. Not a huge amount of info, but it's something.

That page also has info on framerates, resolutions, and save compatibility for the various PlayStations and Xboxes.

Still waiting on Elden Ring's PC system requirements. A number of sites earlier this year reported supposed specs, but it seems someone had just copy/pasted Red Dead Redemption 2's requirements, then that information got divorced from its source enough that it's passed around as fact? Love that internet.

Elden Ring launches February 25th, 2022. I'd like to go in knowing as little as possible but welp, such is this job. I did watch that gameplay video thinking "This looks great, and I wish I didn't know it." It did look great though. Our Ed was particularly pleased that it sounds so much like a Souls game, and I agree. Also I'm well into that boss's rude big arm attack.

A closed network test is running on consoles this week, with signups over here. As much as I wish we had that opportunity on PC too, I'm glad I won't see any more of the game than I strictly need to before I can actually play it at launch.

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