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Write 'Em Up: Elegy For A Dead World Released

Exploring dead alien worlds

"Wander around weird worlds looking at stuff then write about that" sounds like my job, but it's also Elegy for a Dead World. Trapped on distant and dead alien worlds inspired by Romantic poets, our intrepid explorer wanders around, wondering what happened there and how they once were. Then we write little notes for other players to read, sharing our visions. Our John quite liked the build he played back when it was Kickstarting. Elegy launched today, costing about a tenner.

The three very different worlds are inspired by Keats, Shelley, and Byron, weird landscapes covered in alien buildings, mysterious machinery, and strange sculptures. Or are they all sculptures. Or all machinery. Or. Who even knows? It doesn't really matter. Trapped there, all we can do is explore and describe what we've found.

At certain points, the game prompts you to write, and that's what matters. It might have you complete a sentence, starting you off with perhaps a prompt about the landscape, or give you a big empty space to fill. Later, other players will get to read what you write. As John said:

It's lovely to write your own short tale, but it can be even more fun to then read how many other people interpreted the same material. Just how diverse it can be, how vividly different from your own their imagination might be.

Elegy for a Dead World costs £9.89 on Steam, including a launch discount, or $15.00 (£9.50) via Humble. The Humble way will give you a Steam key now then a DRM-free offline version in March 2015. Hey, here's a weird thing: it's made by Dejobaan Games, the folks you might know best for their fall 'em up AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! series.

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Elegy for a Dead World

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