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Wot I Heard: Elite: Dangerous

In Space, Everyone Can Hear Pip Giggle

So for today's Supporter post I decided to try something a little different. It's not a podcast but it's an audio episode of sorts - a Wot I Heard which zeroes in on Frontier's space sim Elite: Dangerous. We've spoken to Frontier CEO David Braben about the refund situation, we've interrupted Brendy's afternoon of space adventures to talk about what he loves and hates about said space adventures and we've collected a handful of stories from the people who play the game.

Given it's something a bit new (and I have never touched audio editing before in my life) it would be great to know whether you enjoy it and - if you do - which other games you'd be interested in us giving the Wot I Heard treatment. Who knows - next time I might have mastered theme tunes or even sound effects!

(Also yes, the Skype call sounds weirdly flat - I'll be trying to fix that somehow!)

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