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Sea Of Solitude sets sail for launch on July 5th

An ocean of emotion

Metaphor-laden action adventure Sea Of Solitude now has a release date, and should be launching on Origin this July 5th, assuming favourable winds. Published under EA's Originals line, it's developed by Jo-Mei Games, and tells a story of a wanderer in a world where loneliness and depression turn people into literal monsters. From the little scraps we've seen over the years, it looks a little like Shadow Of The Colossus, but with a less murderous bent, with your character - Kay - dodging monster attacks as she darts between flooded structures poking out of the ocean.

Sea Of Solitude has been a long time coming, and was looking exciting as far back as 2015. The long time in development has only done it good. It's looking absolutely gorgeous, from its stylised water, to its characterful but mostly-untextured structures, and its majestic monster designs. The crow-beast above looks every bit as good in motion as it does in stills, and judging by Kay's glowing red eyes and feathers, her own journey through the flood-waters has her standing on the brink, too. Not sure what's up with the spooky mist-children, though.

Jo-Mei mention that while you'll have to 'confront' these monsters, there's no hint that you'll be fighting them. They seem like strange and intimidating beasts, but mostly sad. So far, so Shadow Of The Colossus, although I have a feeling interactions with them might go a bit beyond clambering around on them to stab them in the squishy bits. Here's hoping that the game's puzzles are able to hold up in absence of cathartic (if immediately regretful) stabbing.

Sea Of Solitude is headed for Origin's shores on July 5th, and will cost £18/€20/$20.

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Sea of Solitude

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