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Endless Dungeon's first gameplay trailer shows an action roguelite full of alien swarms

You like swarms of things, right?

I am glad that Amplitude Studios have not ditched their connected world of 'Endless' games. Today during the Summer Game Fest, they showed the first in-game trailer for Endless Dungeon, which shows the perils of defending a crystal from aliens in the "rogue-lite tactical action game".

Don't confuse Endless Dungeon with the great Dungeon Of The Endless. That too is a kinda tower defense roguelike about defending a crystal, but it was turn-based whereas this is an action game. When Endless Dungeon was announced six months back, Amplitude said that the answer was "yes and no" to whether this game was a sequel to the other. Given that Dungeon Of The Endless took place in a spaceship, a spaceship that could be discovered crashed into the planet surface of Endless Legend, I'd bet there's a narrative link of some sort that connects all the games.

Since Endless Dungeon is more action-y than its Dungeon forebear, it reminds me more of Valve's Alien Swarm. Isometric alien... swarms... That's it, that's the comparison. It doesn't look like Endless Dungeon has any kind of co-operative mode, sadly.

Amplitude are also currently working on Humankind, a 4X game spanning the history of humanity which looks to go head to head with Sid Meier's Civilization. It's the first game the studio has made that's not set in their Endless universe - and to be honest, calling it "Endless Humankind" would have been tempting fate.

Endless Dungeon is coming to PC via Steam. It'll also be on Xboxes, PlayStations, and Switch.

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