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Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend getting new expansions in August

Endless 4X fun!

The endless Endless games will continue in August with new paid expansions for sci-fi 4X strategy game Endless Space 2 and its fantasy cousin Endless Legend, developers Amplitude Studios announced today. Each game's expansion will add a new faction (the Hissho spacesamurai birdmen; the cute wargolem-building Kapaku) plus new features all factions can enjoy (mahoosive Behemoth-class customisable ships; a lava biome and new events). Continuing to walk hand-in-endless-hand, the Supremacy and Inferno expansions will launch on the same day: next Thursday, August 2nd. Here, come meet the Hissho and Kapaku in new trailers.

Returning from the first Endless Space, the Hissho pull that old sci-fi trick of building an entire species around a facet of an old Earth culture. In this case, that's feudal Japan with samurai, honour, tradition, Bushido, and all that. And fighting. They do like a good fight.

Arriving alongside the Hissho in the expansion are the Illo, a minor faction who I'm told are "machines hell-bent on eliminating species unlikely to survive. Supremacy also brings Behemoth-class ships, real bigguns which can be pushed into several variants.

See more about the Supremacy expansion on its Steam page. It will cost £11/€13/$13.

Reminding me a bit of Guild Wars 2's Asura, the Kapaku coming to Endless Legend in the Inferno expansion are lil cutiepies who field golems. Though unlike the tree-hugging Asura, the Kapaku love fire and lava, and want to spread more of it after some spacegits terraformed their homeworld with awful greenery.

The Kapuku's home terrain is the new lava biome, which other folks might want to tap for resources and new volcanic anomalies. Dust Eclipses are arriving as events too, giving temporary boosts to armies which reach certain points.

More details about Inferno are on its Steam page. It will cost the same £11/€13/$13. For this one, Amplitude teamed up with with NGD Studios, the folks who made the recent Master Of Orion.

Oh, and if you play both games and fancy multitasking two 4X games at once in August, the pair will be cheaper in a bundle.

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