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Enjoy Some Freudian Ships

I didn't realise I was making music. The collection of ships I was controlling on the screen were interacting, plucking at invisible instruments as they fought for dominance, creating odd, realaxing new-age plinks. At the end of the game I was given the option to save the abstract sound the little battle created, to listen to later on. Neat!

You're an id, looking to exert your Influence over the rest of the dart shaped ships. You do this by dragging your mouse cursor around, looking for uncoloured thoughts to control. You harrass them with your little ship, until they absorb your colour. The goal is to grow the swarm, taking over all other colours.

Fleeing a larger mob of thoughts
It's not a game of great depth: you interact with the mouse cursor and that's all, but the fight for the canvas is relaxing enough to have delayed my write-up for a good few minutes. I kept returning, slumping in my chair and listening to the dynamic electronica drifting around my head as I dragged my way around to dominance, fighting off the attentions of the other 'thoughts' and trying to work out the patterns of the others. It even has multiplayer, but I found myself alone on a server of my own hosting when I loaded it up, sadly wandering among bots and wailing about existentialism. I do that, sometimes.

The demo is probably all you need, and it's right here.

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