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Enter The Gungeon rolls out its final update today

A jam-packed update of calibre

Dodge Roll Games are finally putting their twitchy roguelike shooter Enter The Gungeon to bed, with one large final update, A Farewell To Arms, out now. It looks to be a significant free expansion, adding another set of guns and gadgets, two new playable characters (one purely random, one seemingly story-focused), a new level with its own boss and a new way to play: Rainbow Mode. They've also continued the rebalancing work that started with Advanced Gungeons & Draguns, aiming to make the player feel "more powerful more often". Below, a spoiler-free(?) trailer.

Few guns have been revealed, but there is mention of The Fat Line, a gun that fires bullets backwards through time and walls. The first new gungeoneer, The Paradox, is a result of your constant monkeying around with the space-time continuum. They have no story, and start each run with one random starter, gun and item. The second character - The Gunslinger - does have a past to kill, and bears a surely-coincidental resemblance to the Lich. The new hidden level looks like a joy, too - the RNG Department is apparently packed with "weird and horrible enemy hybrids", and a boss.

Rainbow Mode is a new way to play, given to you by new NPC, Bowler. In this mode, every floor contains a rainbow chest, giving you a bunch of items to pick from, but you only get one and that's it for the rest of the floor, loot-wise. It's inspired by self-imposed challenge runs by the community and confusingly shares a name with a popular mod. Per the patch notes, they've smoothed out some of the game's rougher edges, improved the UI a bit and hidden item features are now more readily explained. They've also slightly increased the boss DPS cap, so a powerful build won't be held back quite as much.

It'll probably be a few days until we know exactly what secrets the Farewell To Arms updates holds, and I'm expecting some grin-inducing surprises. Anyone who has seen the genre-bending secret boss of the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update is aware that Dodge Roll are a very creative bunch, and I'd not be too surprised if they'd saved the best for last. While there may yet be some small balance and bug-fix patches after this, they now consider Gungeon to be complete and finished, and can now focus fully on their next project. I wish them the best of luck and a following wind.

Oh, and the most important feature of all? You can now pet the dog.

The Farewell To Arms update for Enter The Gungeon is out now and free. The game itself is currently half off on Steam and GOG, reducing it to £5.49/€7.49/$7.49. Well worth it, especially after three free expansions. It's published by Devolver Digital.

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