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Entering Our Orbit: Apsis

Flying close to the sun

I'm so thrilled that explorey games are becoming a bigger thing of late. Low pressure, relaxing games about discovering, as a calming interlude between the DEFEATING. Yes, I'm an old, old man. Apsis looks like it could be a lovely entry into that field - a game about guiding a flock of birds across a landscape, flowing through airstreams, and having a generally floaty flying time.

Kudos to another game following my new Rule that all games must be about playing a flying bird, group of students from Cornell University under the name Stranger Gravity. Because this one looks like it has you playing as dozens of flying birds. Take a look:

Oh gosh, I hope that cello music stays in there. Here's another video showing a bit more of how you play:

Pretty music, but where did the cello go?! That aside, yes please, I'd like to be playing this now. I have to wait until February though, as that's when the beta launches. Then come July they're hoping to release it proper. I haven't spotted it in Greenlight yet, which I imagine they should probably do. Meanwhile, you can sign up to the newsletter/beta here.

Which all reminds me, have you ever seen those epic moments when birds like sparrows mass flock? I saw it a few years ago somewhere near Devon, and it's breathtaking. My very amateur footage:

I don't think Apsis is going anywhere near that far, but it has made me want to see a game that will - it'd be extraordinary to see that modelled in a game, perhaps as the basis for some epic puzzle solving. Someone, make that too. Thanks.

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