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Epic Games Store paid £8.43 million for Control exclusive

Epic deal

Epic Games Store exclusives are everyone's favourite subject that nobody dreads writing about at all. Fortunately, some specific numbers have recently emerged to hopefully replace the speculation.

Remedy Entertainment's Control was subject to an exclusivity deal, as we reported back in March. Epic apparently valued Control at a chunky $10.45 million (roughly £8.43 million, or almost twenty train tickets), according to recent financial report released by Digital Bros, the parent company of Control's publisher, 505 Games.

This payment is treated as an advance on sales, so until the game sells enough to match that figure, it won't make any more profit on PC. It's split 45:55% between 505 as the publisher and Remedy as the devs. Brendy's review fell a little short of adoration, but Control has proven rather popular. Even so, it seems pretty mad not to take a deal like that rather than a blind gamble. Security is a rare luxury in the games industry, whether you're living off porridge or at the teat of a major publisher. It's rough out there.

Detailed numbers about the inner workings and transactions of game stores can be elusive, so it's refreshing to see even a little transparency like this. An Epic representative was more tight-lipped, however, responding to an approach from gamedaily.biz with “We don't comment on the terms of our deals”.

505 Games's Journey To The Savage Planet will also be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and is expected to land next year.

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