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Essential? Singularity Videos Appear

We haven't heard much of Raven's new shooter, Singularity, since E3 last year when the first trailer appeared. Now a blaze of virally teasers are appearing, and while it's not showing us any game footage, it's making the thing seem damned interesting. We've got the latest stuff below, and they're really good.

What's known is that it's a temporal shooter, set on a mysterious Russian island/scientific project called Katorga 12. It seems to move back and forth through time, between the 1950s and the present day. The Russians deny the island is anything other than an abandoned weather research facility, but a shadowy organisation called MIR-12 disagrees. Apparently you'll have a device called the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) that will let you send enemies, objects, etc back and forth through time - a feature that's planned for both combat and puzzle solving. But what's perhaps most interesting at this point is how Raven appears to be trying to get itself killed.

The two faux-documentary video clips below, sourced from MIR-12 (whose blog is here, with many more hints and details, going so far as to create Flickr pages for characters), suggest that Russia is covering up terrible secrets, while including clips of Putin and other real-world elements. Guys, did you not hear about Litvinenko. What are you doing?!

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

While Activision/Raven are being mysterious, this unofficial site, In Singularity is keeping track of all the news about the game. And inevitably there's a Twitter feed for MIR-12.

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