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Europa Universalis IV Adds A Little Common Sense

Includes parliaments.

Common Sense prevails! At least in Europa Universalis IV [official site], since that's the name of its new expansion. It won't let you shrug off the monarchy like it ain't no thang, but it will add "new tools so players can manage the growth of their domains", and "adds depth to domestic rule and adds a number of major changes to diplomacy." Come see a teaser trailer below.

I haven't played EUIV since its original release which means I'm not familiar with how its expansions have changed it thus far, but I know that the original game was one of alternately economic tinkering and aggressive expansion - at least the way I played it.

It sounds like Common Sense aims to give you more to think about at home: building spaces in provinces is now limited by its terrain and 'Development Value', and the more developed a province is, "the greater the wealth and power you can squeeze out of it." Like a big juicer but people are the fruit and pulp you discard and their money is the juice. The aim is to make your building decisions more meaningful by placing limitations upon them.

Other features mentioned are:

  • Parliaments: The English crown and other constitutional systems of government can now use their flexible system to pass laws through parliaments.
  • National Churches: Protestant kingdoms can customize their new faith and make it a true partner to the throne.
  • New Religious Systems: Buddhism and Protestantism both get fresh coats of faith-based paint.
  • New Options For Subject States: Once just tiny money faucets, recent expansions have made vassals and colonial nations more useful. Common Sense gives you new tools to exploit them or keep them in line.
  • Government Ranks: As you invest in the development of your nation, you can climb from a small duchy to a major empire, unlocking new benefits.
  • New Government mechanics: Theocracies will have new actions and mechanics to highlight their unique character, and the Holy Roman Empire can create Free Cities.

The expansion will be released on June 9th.

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