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Euro Truck Simulator 2 hauls through Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania next week

Back in black

Euro Truck Simulator 2's ever-expanding web of tarmac is about to ensnare three more victims. The next nations to be added to the premier truck 'em up are Bulgaria, Romania and a teeny tiny bit of Turkey, arriving Thursday the 5th with the Road To The Black Sea DLC. Next week's expansion lets you explore the bottom right corner of Europe, arcing towards the inland sea with a trail of lush hillsides and complex border control checks.

No, you can't have the rest of Turkey. It's called Eurotrucks for a reason.

It's all looking very lush in this announcement trailer, if just a little bit Soviet. Crank up the horns, comrade - we're seizing the wheels.

Road To The Black Sea adds Romania and Bulgaria to the Eurotrucks continent, along with the westernmost bit of Turkey (the bit that's in Europe). Even that small portion of Turkey is a meaty bite, however, containing a sprawling Istanbul to weave your massive trailer through. Where Europe ends, so does free movement, and as lovely as the scenery is you'll be stopping and starting at borders more frequently this update.

Even if you can ultimately never escape your impenetrable eighteen-wheeled tomb, Black Sea lets you taste the briny air with a lovely river cruise down the Danube. However, in a woefully misguided decision, horse carts have been added, populating the Bulgarian and Romanian countryside.

Living, fleshy horses, sharing a road with me at the wheel of a ten-ton truck. Okay.

Altogether, Road To The Black Sea adds 20 new cities, populated by 11 new firms, spread over more than 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles, give or take) of road. We never quite made it that far on old family road trips. I'm quietly excited to drive out from Eurotrucks' grim kinda-sorta-Edinburgh car park to see what's going on down in that corner of the continent.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Road To The Black Sea launches next Thursday on Steam. Like previous expansions, it'll probably set you back £13.49/€17.99/$17.99.

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