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Eurogamer: Deus Ex 3 Features An Escalator

Evidently. However, it seems that some embargo has been passed, as Eurogamer has just gone live with three (count 'em) articles about Deus Ex. The first is a general preview sort of thing, the second is an exhaustive series of questions about fan pleasing elements which will or won't be in the game and the third is a hefty interview with lead designer Jean-François Dugas. This is probably the biggest amount of Deus Ex: Human Revolution info I've seen online yet, and almost certainly worth reading. But for those who really are very lazy, my top-level scan-notes follow...

  • First thing first: All three articles are written by Ex-PC Zone Will Porter, who is both lovely and loves Deus Ex to death. So, on a personal level, I'm inclined to believe him.
  • They dunno if the theme will be coming back. Boo!
  • The enormous two-layered city is Heng Sha. off the coast of Shanghai. Someone called "Tong" is running a club there. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
  • There will be lead characters who you can kill or not kill. Expect Walker to get his brother-equivalent killed. Again.
  • The levels will be big. Non-Fallout-big, but big. They give an interesting example of non-linearity - in that in the Detroit hub it's possible to turn off the main objective for the map far earlier than you even know about it. It's only much later do you realise what your random exploration actually lead to.
  • A door will have the code 0451. Oh! And e-mail hacking to reveal more info about the world.
  • You don't creep up behind people and biff them on the head. They're concentrating more on lethal-and-non-lethal take-downs, where you go into third-person to see this biffitude.
  • Less airvents!
  • Dialogue is "more complicated than Mass Effect". They think you'll have to read it.
  • That said, just creeping up and biffing people on the head is going to be tricky anyway. Enemies can apparently look backwards over their shoulders while walking forward. Garrett would probably shit himself.
  • There's not multiple ammo types for each gun - they've gone for a variety of weapons, each with its own lethal or non-lethal functionality.
  • Though each gun does have its own ammo. Not universal ammo.
  • There's no wonky-donkey-aiming. You start aiming at your ability, and get boosted from there. In short, you start competent rather than incompetent and only get better.
  • Linking to that, they've ended up merging skills and augmentations. It's worth reading the full answer on this one, at least, half way down the page. Basically, they had both to start with and thought they were getting in the way of each other, so they merged skills into augmentations. Interestingly, they appear to work on a hybrid of money and experience points. So you can use money to buy the off-the-shelf basic augmentations, but the higher level abilities are activated with XP. And there's lots of other stuff to spend money on. Like guns.
  • Despite the fact the game is more violent, they talk about not wanting to just glorify violence. They want to make it about player choice, rather than forcing the player into the macho role. And people will respond to violence as violence - cowering from guns and similar.
  • Hacking seems to be inspired by Uplink, with you trying to bounce between nodes before you're traced.
  • The prequel looks more advanced than Deus Ex because they think the real world looks more advanced than Deus Ex now. They use the example of the TV screens DX uses being so tiny and non wide-screen.
  • And the game is apparently jolly pretty.

Yeah, lots more, but that's a handful of stuff to get people started. We'll bring you more information on Deus Ex: Human Revolution when Square-Enix's PRs decide to start responding to our mails.

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