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Europa Universalis IV packs its trunk for Dharma expansion

From dawn 'til tusk

Historical conquer 'em up Europa Universalis IV got its newest expansion yesterday, Dharma, which adds elephants, monsoons, trade company shenanigans, and an overhaul to the Indian nations. Basically, it lets European nations engage in their traditional love of colonial economic browbeating, but also gives smaller individual Indian states more attention, with new missions and national ideas of their own. You should come and read more. Not for the expanso-chat, but for the ridiculous patch notes that always accompany these big war game updates.

There's a lot more to it, but I already told you all that when the Dharma expansion release date was announced. Why don't you ever pay attention? Okay, let's mention a few of the more interesting things for the slowpokes: there are new charter companies that can set themselves up in Africa and Asia. There are new estates in India, alongside a caste system. There are different ways to suppress rebellions, including using the Brahmin of your Indian nation to calm everyone down. Also, you will be able to insult your enemies in a much more ferocious and "personal" way by saying things like… "may your sky be filled with comets". Brutal.

As usual, the expansion comes alongside a free update. The Mughals update will add a more detailed map of India even for players who don't buy the expansion, and adds "missions for North Indians, South Indians, Indian Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs". The patch notes for both expansionists and freeloaders are on the Europa Universalis wiki but you don't need that. I've picked the best ones for you right here.

  • The murdering of the king's wife and son when enacting government/reform that doesn't allow them is now done in secrecy.
  • Renamed the nation of Bagelkhand to Baghelkhand, making it more consistent with geographical names but less delicious
  • Added scape goat parlimentary bribes which kills off an advisor and makes several seats happy
  • AI republics will no longer refuse to form Italy
  • Elective Monarchies will now have less problems with xenophobia.
  • Countries will no longer gain Karma when being attacked
  • Allowing female generals created an amazon nation where only women would ever get recruited for field duty. Fixed, should be more egalitarian now
  • English Civil War will now be harder to end before it starts

The Dharma expansion is on Steam for £15.49/$19.99/€19.99.

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