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EVE: Online’s Uprising expansion changes up factional warfare in November

Plus there's some fancy heraldry

Space-based alternate reality EVE: Online is getting another expansion focusing on factional warfare this November, devs CCP Games have announced. Uprising promises to move the ongoing story of EVE forwards, along with improvements such as new ships, balance changes to old ships, logos on your ships, and a whole bunch of other stuff to do with ships.

EVE: Online's Uprising expansion is concentrating on the space sim's factional warfare.

Uprising’s big feature is a rework of factional warfare, tipped for the game earlier this year. Unveiling the roadmap up until November, CCP said the changes aim to “evolve Factional Warfare into a more intense and exciting combat playstyle”. Expect more incentives to fight for your chosen empire, more ways to contribute to war efforts, and new events that bring more campaign objectives to players enlisting with an empire. You can read more about some of the upcoming changes here in more detail here.

CCP also said there’s an update coming in Q1 2023 that should improve factional warfare even more, involving factional allegiance. It’ll allow players to chip in with a faction’s efforts whatever corporation or alliance they belong to. If you’re not enrolled in factional warfare by the time that Uprising rolls around in November then CCP promise that there’s still stuff to do in the warzone, with “roles to perform, stories to partake in, and amazing rewards”.

Uprising also introduces heraldry on ships. You’ll get opportunities to unlock corporation and alliance logos for your vessel. CCP insist that there’ll be more ways to use heraldry in the future, such as citadel skins and holograms on ships. EVE players don’t have to wait until Uprising kicks off in November for more stuff though, as there’ll be new ships from the story arc events in September, and audiovisual and UI enhancements dubbed EVE Evolved landing in October. CCP said the new ships will “increase the diversity of tools available” to both new and established players, and be an intimidating sight.

I’m not going to pretend that I understand even half of what’s going on with all the spreadsheets in EVE: Online. Jeremy Peel found out just how tough new EVE players are finding the game when he spoke to CCP back in May. “A regular influx of fresh capsuleers is also in the interest of the grizzled veterans who attended the Fanfest keynote in-person,” he said. “It’s those players who need new blood to fight their wars, and to keep them on their toes with fresh strategic perspectives.”

EVE: Online’s Uprising expansion is coming to the game in November. EVE is free-to-play on Steam and the Epic Games Store. We recently named it as one of the 10 best MMOs to play on PC.

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