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Even Prices May Die: Magrunner Free In GOG Sale

With strange aeons (or summer sales)

"Well worth the price of admission," our Jim said of first-person puzzler Magrunner: Dark Pulse. He had a few reservations, sure, a little dissatisfaction, yes, but overall enjoyed the charms of "Portal with magnets and Cthulhu." If it was worth parting with your hard-earned money for, why, one would need to have their mind warped by exposure to impossible horrors to not get it for free.

As part of its big summer sale, GOG are offering Magrunner for free to lure people over to have a gander at all the shiny bargains it has lined up. The stars are only aligned for 24 hours, though, and at 2pm tomorrow the offer will escape through a crack in the world.

To grab it, head on over to GOG, sign in, and look on the main page for the big "Download Magrunner for FREE!" banner which should be near the top of the sales list. Clicking this pops you into a freebie queue, then you'll get an e-mail once it's added to your account.

While you're there, though, the first three Thief games for $5.97 is a pretty great deal too. Or the first three Hitmens for $5.17. Or... see, dear reader, this is exactly what they wanted. You go to get something for free and they try to make you buy good video games. It's appalling. An outrage.

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