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EverQuest players plan to flood a server with ogres to convince devs to bring back classic PvP

Ogres rise up!

This Saturday, hundreds of classic EverQuest players plan on flooding one of the game's servers in protest of the lack of a vintage PvP server. The 21-year-old MMO still has a pretty thriving community, including several servers running older versions, but the game currently has just one official PvP server and it's on modern EverQuest. This means anyone who wants a classic PvP experience needs to use private community-run servers. But these players have had enough, they want their old PvP back, and they're rising up as ogres to get the developers' attention. I spoke to one of the ringleaders ahead of the protest.

"We have tried pleading with the developers over the years on the forums, to no avail. Finally, we have decided enough is enough and we have decided to organise," says Byron "Dulu" Carter, one of the protest's ringleaders.

This organising will take the form of hundreds of players descending onto EverQuest's Zek server this Saturday, to cause a fuss and see if they can get developers Darkpaw Games to take notice. They'll be doing this all while playing as ogres - and despite that being just a pretty funny race to play, there's actually a bit more meaning behind it.

"In the lore of EverQuest, ogres are the children of the war god Rallos Zek. The original PvP server was named Rallos Zek, and we're kind of the children of the PvP server, so it's fitting for us to show up as ogres.

"Right now we've got a few hundred players getting involved, so imagine 400 big fat ogres running around the starting zone, making some noise, and having some fun. We'll get some videos and some screenshots and we'll show them that we are a community to be taken seriously."

"If you've never played an MMO before, if you've never played EverQuest, or if you're just a fan of the genre, this is a great event if you want to come check it out and just have some fun," he said.

"You don't have to be an ogre - if you want to show up as an elf as a pretty little elf, you can. Nobody's gonna judge you! [laughs]."

The PvP protest is happening in EverQuest's Zek server Saturday the 29th at 8pm EST (or Sunday the 1st at 1am for us in the UK), and if you want to get involved, keep an eye on EverQuest's subreddit for more details.

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