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Everspace 2 blasts out of the Kickstarter nebula fully funded

NASA hard after all

I’m finally at a place in life where I can write about a space game Kickstarter without checking my savings account first. Sorry, Everspace 2. You might already be funded, but you won’t be joining Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Infinity: Battlescape, or the sadly dead Limit Theory on my bank statement. But well done, Rockfish. You are now free to spread your wings and to build the open-world, free-roaming space blammer you promised everyone.

Here’s what got everyone to pop those wallets to the tune of €503,478:

The previous Everspace was a very different game: a dogfighting space roguelike that sent you through procedurally-generated levels, forcing you ever onwards with the threat of permadeath. Everspace 2 isn't that. They’re pitching it as a hack & slash RPG, with “classes, loot, skills, and talents”, but in space. It has a proper campaign, a stable of ships to build, side-missions to take up, and loot to seek out. Instead of choosing a route, you head out and look for adventure in an expanded world. For the first time, players can descend down to planet surfaces and dogfight over hand-crafted colonies that mix in with the game's procedural elements.

Their YouTube channel is absolutely rammed with streams that they've archived from the campaign. Hours and hours of footage that shows what's been made so far. Here's an extreme amount of stream from the final hours of the Kickstarter. It covers setting up a ship, exploring space, and more. It also shows that the game is already deep into development. I'm sure if they missed their KS goal that it wouldn't have been an issue.

We’ll have to wait until 2021 to play it.

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