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Every new trailer announced at Summer Game Fest 2022

All the big announcements from tonight's Geoff Fest

Geoff-Fest, Keigh3, or just regular old E3 week (but not really) - whatever you want to call it, announcement season is here. Summer Game Fest 2022 has now wrapped up and there were plenty of trailers and world premieres to gawk at. If you couldn’t keep up with Keighley’s Summer Game Fest onslaught, or just need a reminder of what happened, we’ve got every new trailer from Summer Games Fest 2022 right here.

All the new Summer Games Fest trailers

Summer Games Fest means lots of trailers, and we all know there are one or two that you’ll want to see straight away. You can skim through the list below to find the trailers you are most excited about, or keep scrolling to see every last one.

Street Fighter 6 shows off first-look gameplay and reveals a returning character

We kicked off the evening with the first gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6, which included the reveal that franchise mainstay Guile would be returning as a playable character for this sixth mainline outing (as if there was ever any doubt). He and Ryu lamped seven bells out of each other for what felt like a really long time, as we got our first look at the next generation of Street Fighter combat.

Aliens: Dark Descent is coming in 2023

A cinematic trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent featured a group of marines exploring the Tantalus base before getting mutilated by a bunch of Xeno-peeps. Seriously, that’s a decent crowd of Xenomorphs, which makes me wonder whether this could be a sequel to 2021’s Fireteam Elite. There were no details on that and absolutely no gameplay, so it looks like we’ll just have to keep guessing for now.

The Callisto Protocol gets an extended trailer and first-look gameplay footage

Hardly feels fair to stack that Aliens: Dark Descent reveal up against the latest trailer for The Callisto Protocol, which is quickly becoming one of the most-anticipated horror games of 2022. Is it bad to say that The Callisto Protocol feels more like an Alien game than the actual Aliens game we just saw a few minutes prior? We also got an extended first look at some proper gameplay footage, and the new trailer concludes on one of what promises to be many interesting death animations for long-suffering main character Jacob! So that’s nice.

Modern Warfare 2 reveals the first campaign mission

After the recent world reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Summer Games Fest delivered a new gameplay trailer showcasing the first campaign mission. It shows Task Force 141 sneaking aboard an ocean FOB with an array of silenced weapons. They advance quietly through the base, picking off enemies one-by-one while a storm rages around them. The stealth masterclass doesn’t last long, though, as an alarm blares to kickstart the chaos. The mission quickly turns into an explosive gunfight that resembles your standard Call of Duty affair, and the trailer ends with an announcement that those who preorder will gain access to an upcoming open beta.

Flashback 2 will launch 30 years after the original

The great thing about video games is that it’s never too late for a sequel. Hot on the heels of the news of a new Monkey Island game, we’ve now seen footage of Flashback 2, a sequel to the 1992 sci-fi platformer set to release a mere 30 years after the first game in the series. So far it’s looking pretty similar to the original, but fortunately it’s been long enough for that to be a legitimately retro style by now. Bask in the nostalgia later in 2022.

Witchfire’s explosive new trailer reveals that early access will start soon

A new trailer for dark fantasy FPS Witchfire showed the protagonist blasting their way through demons with a lovely range of chunky guns. We also got a further look at some of the supernatural powers that you will be able to use, along with an announcement that early access will start soon.

Troy Baker horror game project officially announced as Fort Solis

Yet more spooky sci-fi offerings with Fort Solis, introduced by none other than perennial video game leading man Troy Baker. Set on a Martian mining station, this sci-fi horror action blend (which seems to be on trend right now and I am not complaining) will star Baker and Roger Clark and promises some classic “trouble on an abandoned space station” vibes.

Routine returns from the dead with a new trailer

Routine, a survival horror game first announced almost a decade ago, surprised many would-be fans who had long given up hope when it debuted a new trailer at Summer Games Fest. It showed the player character slowly exploring an eerie space station populated with rogue AI robots which scuttle around in the shadows. It’s all very ominous, with plenty of scares to be had as the trailer cuts after one of those robot nasties lunges at the player from behind.

Outriders: Worldslayer endgame reveal stream to follow Summer Game Fest

The Worldslayers DLC for 2021’s Outriders is imminent, with a release date at the end of this month (literally, June 30th). A lot of us here at RPS had honestly forgotten Outriders was a thing already, but fans of the three-player co-op looter-shooter will no doubt enjoy returning to the setting. This time it looks like you and your pals will be taking a trip to the mountains and shooting the goodies out of some frost monsters. If you’re keen to learn more, an “endgame broadcast” livestream directly followed on from Summer Games Fest’s opening ceremony.

Fall Guys is going free to play on June 21st

A new Fall Guys trailer showed the titular beans wombling through some live action scenarios. Fall Guys beans are just so cute, huh? I just wanna squidge their cute lil cheeks. Unfortunately, I’ll have to settle for throwing them from every surface imaginable when the biggest game of Summer 2020 goes free to play on June 21st.

Stormgate is a free to play RTS from ex-Blizzard devs

Stormgate is a new free to play RTS game, with a shiny cinematic trailer showing a human and mech duo fighting against some very Diablo-esque demons. That’s appropriate, considering some of the devs are ex-Blizzard people, having previously worked on Warcraft and StarCraft. You can register now for a beta that’s coming in 2023.

Beautiful indie apocalypse Highwater is announced

My days this one looks lovely! An indie apocalyptic strategy game set in a future ravaged by climate change, with a semi-sunken city and eerie dystopian sci-fi vibes? Sign me up. It’s due out before the end of the year, too, so we don’t have long to wait.

American Arcadia’s new trailer gives a new look at its 70s dystopia

Puzzle platformer American Arcadia’s new trailer gave a deeper insight into the strange, 70’s dystopia that players will need to escape from when it arrives on PC and consoles. It seems like you’ll be running through plenty of sidescroller landscapes, but the more interesting part is what’s going on behind the cameras that seemingly monitor your character during their adventure.

Chaotic physics playground Goat Simulator 3 announced

Okay, not necessarily what I was expecting when they touted a popular returning franchise, but who doesn’t love a little goat-oriented, physics-based chaos? I’d somehow completely missed the first sequel, but never mind, it will soon be rendered practically irrelevant anyway by this third outing for the mayhem-loving goats of the title, who now seem to be sporting some high-tech gear this time around. I mean, not all that high-tech, but they’re just goats, give them a break.

Spider-Man swings into Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which will launch October 7th

Midnight Suns returns from a lengthy delay with a trailer showcasing more of the chaotic fight against Lilith, Mother of Demons. The new trailer shows that Spider-Man will swing in to join the fray, but he’ll be up against some demonic versions of Hulk and Venom that are sure to prove a worthy challenge. Midnight Suns is set to launch on October 7th 2022, so it won’t be long until you can be at the helm of this new Marvel adventure. Check out Katharine's extensive hands on preview as well, while you're at it.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course showcases some new footage ahead of its release

The Cuphead team debuted some new footage for the upcoming DLC: The Delicious Last Course. It shows Miss Chalice fighting against a giant snowflake that definitely swallowed its own eyeball at some point. The retro cartoon vibes look as impeccable as ever, and it won’t be long until we can get our hands on the new Cuphead expansion. The Delicious Last Course launches in just a few weeks on 30 June.

Neon White is out next week

This one really impressed our Alice0 back at the last Steam Next Fest, and it turns out you’re going to get a chance to try out the full game for yourself very soon, as it’s launching just a week from now on June 16th on Steam. It’s Annapurna, it’s anime-esque, it’s a puzzle platformer FPS about a Hell-based assassin trying to merc his way into Heaven! If that’s not worth a look, I don’t know what is.

Midnight Fight Express will smash its way onto PC and consoles on August 23rd

Midnight Fight Express, a chaotic isometric brawler coming on August 23rd, unveiled a new trailer showing some of the hectic action that you’ll enjoy as you try to fight back against a supposed criminal uprising. The action looks wonderfully fluid and strikingly brutal at the same time, as enemies get smashed into a range of environmental hazards.

Warframe: The Duviri Paradox expansion news coming at TennoCon next week

Warframe released on PC in 2013, which is nearly a full decade ago, but it’s still getting expansions, would you believe! The latest, entitled The Duviri Paradox, is due to be featured at next week’s TennoCon. And regrettably that’s where you’ll have to tune in if you want to see the real gameplay reveal. Was this... was this a trailer for a trailer?

Honkai Star Rail is the upcoming fourth instalment in the Honkai series

The first of two Hoyoverse games on display tonight, Honkai Star Rail is an upcoming open world sci-fi tactical RPG with a familiar anime aesthetic coming from miHoYo. It’s got everything you’d expect from an anime action adventure, with vibrant flashy colors that’ll make the action pop while you explore the mysterious Fragmentum.

Zenless Zone Zero gets a second announcement trailer

Zenless Zone Zero was announced somewhat on the fly last month, as part of the compensation for delays in miHoYo’s ongoing title Genshin Impact. Unsurprisingly, there’s not much additional info to be had from this next step of the reveal. But if you’ve ever seen Genshin Impact and wished it could be a more of a neon punk dystopian sci-fi then ZZZ’s got you covered. There’s a closed beta coming at some point, but no more news on that front tonight.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge gets an imminent release date in a new trailer starring Casey Jones

A new gameplay trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge shows Casey Jones smacking through the foot clan alongside the titular turtles. It’ll have a 6 player co-op mode that lets you use almost all of the playable characters in one chaotic brawling extravaganza. And it won’t be long until you can play, because Shredder’s Revenge is set to launch on June 16th, which is next week!

Super People final beta starts on August 17th

Some games aim to put a different spin on a familiar genre, but it seems Super People would rather give you more of the same but turn it up to 11. It feels like half the skins you see in Fortnite these days are Marvel and DC superheroes, so Super People asks the question: what if everyone in the battle royale was a super soldier? Seriously though, this one does look good fun. And the final beta test is due to begin on August 17th.

Unfortunately the trailer wasn’t anywhere to be found once Summer Game Fest was over, but we’ll add it in here once it’s turned up.

Humankind gets its second paid Cultures of Latin America DLC pack

Humankind: Cultures of Latin America is a new DLC that's out now, bringing six new cultures and wonders to the popular strategy game. It’s also coming to console soon and will launch on game pass!

We got a closer look at the setting and characters in upcoming tie-in game One Piece Odyssey

Everyone loves pirate games, many people love anime games, so a video game tie-in to piratical anime One Piece feels like a no-brainer, right? This looks like some cheery anime nonsense indeed, and a classic JRPG to boot. Boot-y... get it? Pirate booty? Look, I’m struggling to keep up with the frantic pace of all these trailers. Slow down Geoff!

Metal: Hellsinger gets a new trailer

A new trailer for upcoming Doom-style FPS Metal: Hellsinger, that you can watch above, shows plenty of chaotic action. No need to just gawk at that footage, though – a demo is live now on Steam and consoles.

The Quarry is out tomorrow!

I’ve actually got this one on pre-order for the weekend and I swear to goodness Geoff if you give me spoilers... It’s Supermassive’s follow-up to their 2015 teen slasher adventure game Until Dawn, widely considered as one of the best exclusives ever to hit the PS4. The Quarry is not so constrained, though, and will be available to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S owners alike from tomorrow. Tomorrow! As in, June 10th! Yippee.

Survival crafting game Nightingale gets a new trailer

Nightingale, an upcoming open world survival crafting game set to launch in early access later this year, gets a new trailer showing snippets of gameplay with various guns, a crossbow, and some spells. They really were snippets, though, layered in-between other footage that reveals more of its Victorian gaslamp world.

Saints Row's Boss Factory lets you make your boss now on EGS

Saints Row may be a soft reboot for the series, but the deep and deeply weird character creator certainly hasn’t gone anywhere. The full game is due out on August 23rd, but you can begin planning your best eclectic styles with the Boss Factory character creator, which is free on Epic Games Store from, ooh, right now!

Warhammer 40K: Darktide shows off the upcoming Vermintide follow-up

New footage for Warhammer 40K: Darktide, the upcoming successor to the Vermintide series, shows plenty of weighty whacking with a range of melee weapons. The main difference in Darktide is that it also has guns, which we get to see as the marines blast their way through enemy hordes with a meaty shotgun. Darktide is only a few months away, set to launch on September 13th 2022.

Layers of Fears will revisit both games in new ways

The Layers of Fear duology (or trilogy, depending on how you view the first game’s chunky story DLC) are a series of psychological horror walking simulators with a touch of marmite to them. Are they the best thing to happen to horror games since PT, or just another generic jump-scare fest? Personally I’m firmly in the first camp, so I’m looking forward to seeing just what this “re-imagining” of the whole 2016-19 original series ends up being when it’s released next year.

Nightwing takes centre stage in the latest Gotham Knights footage

Nightwing gets his time in the spotlight in new Gotham Knights footage, which shows the hero nonsensically rappelling up a building only to glide down moments later. That glider is cool, though, but it definitely has Fortnite vibes. When he lands it’s back to the standard Arkham-style brawling, though, and you can experience it yourself when Gotham Knights launches on October 25th.

The Last of Us Part 1 is coming to PC, eventually

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann joined Geoff to chat about some upcoming The Last of Us projects. Factions, the upcoming standalone multiplayer entry, got some new concept art before Druckmann described it as ‘big’, which is surprisingly informative. It confirms that the new multiplayer game will be very different to the original Factions experience, with its own storyline and new areas to explore. We’ll hear more on Factions next year – no word on if it’ll come to PC, but PlayStation’s recent foray into the PC gaming market suggests we may see it one day.

After some new information on The Last of Us TV series, which is set to be the “most authentic videogame adaptation” according to Druckmann, we got a new trailer for a full remake of the original The Last of Us. This remake, titled The Last of Us: Part 1, is set to come to PS5 on 02 September 2022 and PC at a later date.

Not E3 2022 is in full-swing - see everything in our E3 2022 hub, as well as our complete round-up of everything announced at Summer Game Fest 2022. Many more big game showcases and streams are still to come this summer, so make sure you stay up to date with our summer games stream schedule.

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