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Everybody's Going To Have Gone To The Rapture

Where did you guys go?

The Chinese Room's Bafta-winning game, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture [official site], is coming to Steam on 14 April. That's tomorrow, if you're reading this on the day of publication. So I guess at the moment it's Everybody Will Have Gone To The Rapture. Everybody's Going To Have Gone To The Rapture? Everybody's Fine Where They Are Right Now But Maybe Not So Much In The Near Future?

I played it on PS4 when it first came out – it's perhaps best described as an interactive radio play with a peculiarly British sci-fi bent and a beautiful soundtrack. I remember I wasn't mad keen on the interaction mechanisms but I'll definitely go through it again and offer up current opinions (and probably take a millionty thousand screenshots).

That's probably the end of the news section but I read about the rapture as a child and every time I'm somewhere that's unexpectedly deserted or silent when I'm used to it being busy I find myself idly wondering whether it's happened and what I'll do if it has. Like, do I phone someone who I think should have been raptured and see if they answer? Or do I wait and see if there's another wave and I start floating? And what happens if you're raptured when you're indoors and there's a hulking great ceiling to get through?

And then the next plane arrives and the terminal fills up again and is no longer this weird cavernous space, or you remember that actually it's 4am and you're just a bit delirious because you're on the way to hospital with a burst appendix that's leaking gangrenous mulch into your blood.

Where was I? Oh yes. Rapture tomorrow. £15.99. Avoid painful ceilings.

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