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Everyone loves Fall Guys, so here are some amazing falls, guys

Slurpee! No!

The battle-royale-but-not-like-that videogame known as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has exploded. In a good way. Everyone and their squishy cartoon dog has been playing it, to the point where developers Mediatonic had to repeatedly take down their servers for beefing purposes.

It's a game show in the vein of Total Wipeout, or possibly an extremely squidgy version of Takeshi's castle. Players are whittled down from 60 as they get eliminated via various mini-games, then whoever's left has to race up a hill, dodging obstacles in the hope of being the first to grab a crown. So far I've played two matches and wound up cackling in near constant delight - but for now I just want to show you some of the best Falls from the internet. I can virtually guarantee they will improve your Wednesday.

Firstly, this slurpee is at the top of Reddit for a reason.

thank you for trying Mr. Slurpee from r/FallGuysGame

The Fall Guy did not fall but I'll allow it.

I’m a pioneer from r/FallGuysGame

This one mostly just makes me feel sorry for everyone except the Rocket League pro.

All my years of Rocket League have finally paid off from r/FallGuysGame

And this Guy is literally on another level.

I am Jump Club from r/FallGuysGame

Fall Guys! It's very good. You can buy it on Steam for £16/$20/€20.

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