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Driveclub's Evolution Studios Team Joining Codemasters

Vroom vroom!

Though they've been around for seventeen years, you might not know Evolution Studios as all of their games - racing games, each and every one - has been released released on PlayStations. Sony bought the studio in 2007 but closed them this year. But! Happy ending: those autophiles at Codemasters today announced that they're bringing the Evolution team under their racing wing. They haven't announced any specific games yet but will be pootling onto non-Sony platforms now too, which will surely include our dear PC given how many games Codies sling our way.

It sounds like Codies haven't bought the studio, but have basically hired them. Evolution have been behind a series of World Rally Championship games in the noughties on PlayStation 2, then MotorStorm, and most recently Driveclub. Codies are excited about this, because they both really like cars. They say in their little statement:

"This expansion will not only see us gain a wealth of racing expertise and skill, but it'll take Codemasters to the next level as the world’s largest racing-focused games company. With phenomenal racing DNA on both sides, we hope that gamers out there are excited to see what we do next – as are all of us here at Codies."

So, some new things from the Evolution gang coming our way. That's the plan. It's due to come into effect on April 25th, and I suppose we could all be crushed by a planet before then. If you want to know more about the vroom vroom, GamesIndustry.biz had a chat with them about it - no mention of Nibiru.

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