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Supersize Me: Evolve Big Alpha Signups Now Available

Getcher massive monsters here, massive monsters for all.

While I maintain that the best thing about Turtle Rock's asymmetrical co-op shooter is its fabulous logo, Evolve is also starting to grow on me as an idea. They've done everything they can to put me off with impressively terrible shoutcasted trailers, but the central idea of controlling a giant monster and killing my friends is very solid. Equally, ganging up on one-another is what we spend most of our time doing anyway. If that sounds familiar, you can now sign up for the mysteriously named Big Alpha that's running through Halloween. To get in you'll need one of the two codes below.

11197-10708-89072 (apparently not this one! Sorry folks.)

Both of those are public re-use codes that are not guaranteed access, but worth a shot. The announcement post also mentions the various places offering access as a pre-order bonus, not recommended unless you're positive.

I'm convinced Evolve will be fun - but only with friends. Rotating through a few maps, ganging up on each other in turn and then reuniting for the other games would be very difficult to make unfun. Online, with a group of randoms, I can only really imagine enjoying taking out my frustrations as the monster than teaming up.

The most recent delay leaves us waiting until February 10th to find out.

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