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Exactly What It Sounds Like: Minecraft DOTA

Well now, this is quite the thing. In its never-ending march to assimilate all the games, Minecraft has turned its gaping, block-toothed maw on DOTA. The resulting map (no mods required, amazingly) has it all: towers to defend, a colorful assortment of creep(er)s, and the single most overblown trailer soundtrack you'll ever hear. The mere act of its war drums caressing my ear drums transformed my arms into swords and my legs into chain flails. I really wish it would've been the other way around, as I'm now functionally immobile. Anyway, you'll find the absurdly impressive trailer after the break. Fair warning: side effects may include feelings of general inadequacy and the inability to ever touch the things you love again.

Crazy, huh? You can download the full thing for yourself here. Admittedly, there are still a few kinks to work out, though. For instance, breaking even a single flower block - keeping in line with Smokey Bear's ever-pervasive message - will end the world. Or at least potentially unbalance the game. The map's developers are looking into a way to make blocks indestructible, which - now that I think about it - actually makes me kind of sad. I mean, what's the point of building DOTA in Minecraft if you're gonna pour cement into the cracks of what makes it unique? Given proper tweaking, I imagine DOTA plus underground tunneling and fortress creation could be really interesting. Even if typical matches would probably last upwards of 12 hours.

But then, I can't stay too upset with something that bills "BUY WOLVES" as one of its central features for too long.

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