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Reduxing On Early Access: Exodus Of Sol

Can a 2012 reboot survive in the space-sim paradise of 2014?

Exactly now may not be the best time for another space sim to go into early access. Elite entered Beta this week and Star Citizen is still consuming wallets at an unimaginable pace. Between those and the swarms of smaller projects that have launched or started development in the past couple of years, you've got plenty of options for your spacecash. Bit Planet Games are giving it a shot anyway with Exodus of Sol, a remake of 2012 space-blam SOL: Exodus. They're looking to improve along the lines that Adam suggested but I've got my doubts.

My problem with this is how little seems to have changed and yet they're charging ten pounds more than the original for an unfinished upgrade. The development plan on the Steam page doesn't put the scope much beyond the 2012 release either. The first pitch suggests it will continue to grow, but Early Access is already a heavy ask - to put money behind a team that doesn't have a stellar record even more so.

It may just be a problem of bad marketing. A demo or a trailer that showed significant amounts of actual play rather than jump cutting action sequences would go a long way. Assuaging fears should be a top priority here. Would you pick this up in its current state, readers, or wait to see what others have to say? Will it get a look in either way, given the other options you have or does the lower price tag than the big uns give it a chance?

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