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Expeditions: Rome will get a 4 hour demo tomorrow

Conquer part of Greece this weekend

Expeditions: Rome got a release date of January 20th, 2022 just last week. From tomorrow, you'll be able to play four hours of the RPG campaign in a demo that lets you conquer Lesbos.

Here's a new trailer, which shows some of the lovely scenery in Greece and Rome:

Expeditions: Rome is a historical RPG, but in which you play a fictional character able to chart an original path for yourself and for Rome. You also take command of a Roman legion, leading battles across several continents in between chatting and politicking. Nate saw it earlier this year, finding it a far more detailed and ambitious games than its predecessor, Expeditions: Vikings.

Four hours is a substantial chunk of demo, but thankfully your progress will carry over to the full game should you choose to buy it next year.

Streamers on Twitch are also getting access to an even bigger chunk of Rome. From tomorrow until December 20th, streamers will have the entire first act to play, letting you see other parts of Greece. Viewers can also join in during streams, with audiences able to "direct AI targets, heal or knockdown both enemy and streamer combatants, re-name units with their TwitchID, set fire to the battlefield" and more.

I do like games that have this kind of Twitch integration and RPGs with many choices are perfect for it. There are also Twitch drops you can unlock by viewing, and those can be used in both the demo and final version of the game when it releases next year. The demo will be available via Steam sometime December 17th.

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Expeditions: Rome


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