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Explore a breathtaking world beset by spirits in Atma for free

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You know how it is. Sometimes you’re just guarding the world with your boyfriend and then he tries to grasp at more power than is allowed and in doing so gets stuck between the worlds of the living and the dead. We’ve all been there. So, too, is Shaya, the protagonist of utterly gorgeous game Atma. Trace mantras onscreen to get past obstacles and enemies, reset all the spirits that your beau accidentally unleashed into the world, and mostly just luxuriate in how pretty the whole thing is, as you can see in this trailer.

Eponymous boyfriend Atma says it’s probably best to let him go off into the spirit world after his mess up, but Shaya has other ideas, reckoning there’s a way to bring him back.

“Will she betray her vows as a guardian to be reunited with the one she loves?” asks the game’s itch.io page. That’s up to you. But for me, nah, probably not. He made his purgatorial bed, he can lie in it.

I’ve only played a little bit, primarily because I wanted to wait until I had more time to soak in the beauty of each and every scene and detail. The colourful trees, the characters with decorated antlers, tiny frogs hanging out in the ponds, it all conspires to make you want to just stare at it for hours.

You can download Atma for pay what you want with no minimum on itch.io, or for free on Steam.

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