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Explore a doomed health retreat in upcoming Resort

Are we not all just waiting for the comet

One great pleasure that you may not all be familiar with is interviewing people who are passionate about whatever it is you’re speaking to them about. You may be able to get something of a sense of it from Resort, which follows protagonist Laura Tanner as she speaks to the people staying there. Although the fact that it is about to get destroyed by a comet and its inhabitants are so passionate about the place that they refuse to leave may put a dampener on the whole affair. Take a peek at the reveal trailer below.

One may suspect that not everything is as it seems at Laburnum Creek, but it’s up to you to decide just how much of it is dream and how much of it is real. “Guide the protagonist’s choices and re-shape her perception of the world,” says its Steam page, as well as specifically noting that there are no puzzles here, just exploration and interaction with the NPCs.

Developers Backwoods Entertainment are also the folks behind Unforeseen Incidents, a game which John called “a really good point-and-click adventure game.” He details how the story treats its characters nicely, having you help out NPCs rather than tricking or scaring them into getting out of your way. Which bodes well for what seems to be such a character-driven game.

Resort doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can still find it on Steam.

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