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Explore Henry's Lookout Tower From Firewatch In VR

Hangin' with Henry

Henry's lookout should be quite familiar to anyone who spent time within Campo Santo's Firewatch [official site]. You only had to stay up there for the first half-hour or so of the game and multiple times throughout. If you didn't get enough of the scenic overlook and the personal belongings within, now you can head there via the magic of Valve's Destinations VR tourism doodad.

All you need is a Vive or Oculus Rift to step into the lookout and rummage through Henry's belongings like some sort of savage. The scene's been rebuilt using the Source engine and it looks quite good, as you can see above via the Sketchfab widget (the Sketchfab version is missing some details present in Destinations, mind).

Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman says:

"It's really stunning to be in Henry's personal space. In fact, while messing around in it the other day, I picked up and then dropped the twenty-sided-die in his desk drawer and it rolled underneath his chair. Then, because I was using the Vive, I had to get down on the actual floor and reach under there to get it. It was an interaction I could never have in non-VR and was pretty thrilling despite this Destination being a simple static scene."

Firewatch was an interesting enough jaunt, even if the voiceovers were a bit annoying at times, and I rather like seeing different locations from games recreated in VR, despite only having had access to a VR unit for a short period of time that I had to send back, unfortunately. I'd like to see more developers following Campo Santo's lead and bringing out places to explore in virtual reality. Maybe somewhere in Yume Nikki. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so.

Grab the lookout tower on Steam now, free of charge. You'll need Destinations, which is also free.

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