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Eyeballin' This: Turn-based Bar Fighting With Cute Animals

What should it be called?

"Turn-based bar fighting game" is a pretty good elevator pitch. "Turn-based bar fighting with cute isometric animals" is even better. That's what Stray Robot Games are making with (the working titled) The Cresting Rainbow. It's Frozen Synapse meets this news story I just found about a drunk pig attacking a cow. It's also far cuter than any of the bar fights I've seen in real life.

The game started as a side project last October, but has grown to consume most of its developer's time. The creators are doing that lovely think where they track progress via a TIGSource devblog and with occasional #ScreenshotSaturday tweets.

Here's a GIF from the devblog.

Players will take simultaneous turns to steer their characters around the barfield, and have a simple set of moves including punching, throwing furniture, and putting people in headlocks. If real world bar fights are an inspiration, I'd also like to suggest moves for 'tear button from own shirt', 'curse and slip up' and 'wet self'.

On their own site, the developers talk more about the challenges of making an isometric game. Scrolling down also shows the project they were working on before this, which was some sort of beautiful side-on RPG with a working title of ProjectSword.

Cor, these are some nice colours.

Let's eyeball the developers from across the room until they get mad, flip a table and finish The Cresting Rainbow as soon as possible.

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