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F1 2019 running in the shadows


"Damn your love!" shout Codemasters. "Damn your lies!" And with that, F1 2019 is go, the latest video game adaptation of Fleetwood Mac's song The Chain. The frustrations, burdens, and dependencies of the human heart are transmuted into a metaphorical automobile, which we must drive at great speed through the straights and chicanes of life, listening to the wind blow while surrounded by rivals and relying on our team with our very life on the line. Weird metaphor, but it makes for some fun video games.

Along with updated cars and drivers and teams for the new racing season, F1 2019 brings new prettiness, a new Formula Two career opening to start slow before revving up to F1, and names with numbers as listed on the game's site. Also it's arriving way earlier in the F1 season than Codies' games usually do, which have sometimes arrived as late as November. You can now race along at home to more.

Wait, hang on, I will concede I was 'doing jokes' and all that but Formula 1 now has an official theme song now and it's not just The Chain? May as well get Imagine Dragons to do it.

I am not okay with this.

F1 2019 is out now on Steam for £45/€55/$60. As Murray Walker always said: run in the shadows, friends.

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