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Rust studio go turn-based tactical with Clatter next month

Behold, futuresport!

Facepunch Studios may be best known for Garry's Mod and Rust but for years they've experimented with other games, and another is about ready to launch. The turn-based tactical robotfights of Clatter will arrive in December, Facepunch have announced, sending bots to bash each other to bits in arena battles. Facepunch say the focus is multiplayer but it will have a singleplayer career mode too, and it all looks a little something like this...

Clatter's a futuresport, see, violence for entertainment. We'll be the manager directing the fightbots, building and customising our squad with different classes and tactical synergies to best bash the baddies. Such is sport.

The career mode will follow our team across seasons in a FIFA-y way, buying and selling units, upgrading them, getting sponsorship to fund our fightbots, and such. Clatter will also have multiplayer with a variety of maps and modes, plus leagues to climb. And the best thing in modern video games: a daily challenge AI match with leaderboards.

Clatter is coming via Steam some time in December. Facepunch have had loads of wee teams working on side-projects, experiments, and such over the years. See their site for more on the current-ish projects.

Disclosure: Facepuncher Craig Pearson used to often write for RPS.

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