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Factorio 1.0 release date confirmed for next year, big updates on the horizon

Bigger updates will follow

Factorio is one of those games that are brilliant but have never seemed to make it out of early access. Well now there's an end in sight for the Factorio at least because the devolpers say, and I agree with this, "if we just pushed the button to release 1.0, it wouldn't be a catastrophe." After exactly four and a half years Factorio will officially launch on September 25th, 2020. I know that date isn't even remotely close, but Wube Software have put it out there more so players don't allow them to procrastinate and continue to polish the way wires work and aliens attack forever.

In this week's Friday Facts post, technology designer Michal Kovarex described how it would be so easy for the team to continue to polish the game forever but "the game is quite polished now." That's why instead of continuing in this fashion, the team wants to move onto making larger updates for Factorio, ones that they and players will find far more exciting.

Kovarex makes it clear that this is not the end for Factorio's development, though I don't see how it could ever end. He notes that the team "would like to introduce new features and content." I haven't played much Factorio, but I've watched much more skilled players than myself for possibly hundreds of hours, I don't think checking the exact number is a great idea.

What is a great idea is bringing new features to Factorio that will bring completely different ways to play. Some of the highlights from Factorio forum requests include streets with train track functionality, machine scaffolding (because buildings aren't complicated enough apparently), and my personal favourite, a space magnate game mode that turns Factorio into a game about trading products with visiting space freighters.

Factorio is available on Steam and GOG. It's already one of the best management games, we'll tell you.

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